Connect 4

Connect 4 1.15

Classic four-in-a-row mayhem


  • Fun to play
  • Three game modes
  • Three difficulty levels
  • High scores charts


  • Poor graphics
  • No sound effects
  • No online multiplayer

Not bad

Connect 4 is one of the all-time classic board games, and now you can play the game wherever you go, with this Android version of the game.

As always, the object of Connect 4 is to form rows or columns of four or more matching-colored discs. Players take it in turns to 'drop' their discs (in this case by touching the column you want to put it in), and can form lines either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Connect 4 features three difficulty levels and three game modes. You can choose to play a quick game against the computer, a two-player match, or a 'Challenge' match. The latter is a best of five series of games, where a time limit is imposed on each move.

The graphics in Connect 4 are very basic and the overall presentation is pretty lame, and the sound effects are non-existent.

Although it is always enjoyable playing Connect 4, I felt the inclusion of an online multiplayer mode would've really lifted the appeal of this particular version. Sure, there's an online high scores table, but nothing compares to the buzz you get by thrashing a complete stranger live.

Fans of the game will love playing Connect 4. It's just a shame this version isn't a little more polished.

Connect 4


Connect 4 1.15

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